Rose Bouquet

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Rose Bouquet

Valentine Day’s Flowers for The One You Love

Bouquets of Red Roses

Whatever you might feel about Valentine’s Day, you have to admit that it’s a beautiful tradition and it should be honored. Yes, you can and you should treat the one you love nicely all the time and make her happy with little nice gestures, gifts, and flowers all year round, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t make Valentine’s Day extra special and go all out. And nothing says I Love You better than flowers and a nice floral arrangement!

Here are some flower ideas to make her happy this Valentine’s Day:

Long Stemmed Roses - $119

Roses always help communicate feelings of love and friendship and they are simply irreplaceable on Valentine’s Day. If you want to send flowers to a friend, choose yellow. For your romantic interest, create a bouquet from red roses and show how much you love her. Mixing red and pink roses adds a touch of romantic poetic love, so think about that too.

Long Stemmed Rose Bouquets

Purple Orchids - $50

While roses are universal, orchids are becoming equally popular, especially purple ones that speak the language of love. Orchids are exotic, delicate, beautiful, and long lasting – kind of like your love. They also represent luxury and strength, so you can commemorate all that with elegant purple orchids, which carry a lot of emotional weight and delicate beauty. A bouquet from flowers like that would be hard to beat in the love department.

Orchid Flower on Sale

Sunflowers - $65

Sunflowers might not be the first flowers to come to mind when we think about Valentine’s Day messages, but they should be, especially if the relationship is new. Sunflowers are bright and cheery, and those might be your feelings perfectly represented. Open faces of these flowers make you think about sun, happiness, admiration, longevity, and passion for life. They just might be more romantic than you think and perfect for your sweetheart.

Roses in Vase

Stargazer Lilies - $50

Lilies of all kinds can make any girl feel special, but especially these, with intense aroma filling up the room. Lilies are ambitious and strong and will be loved by every strong woman. Calla lilies are royal, but tiger lilies are romantic, so make your pick.

Hybrid Rose

Red Tulips - $50

Valentine’s Day is at the end of winter, so what’s better to symbolize love and upcoming spring if not a bouquet from red tulips? Tulips are beautiful and refreshing in every color, but go with passionate red for Valentine’s Day. Tulips show commitment, so make sure you are before gifting her with this bouquet. Purple tulips add a touch of luxury, if you want to mix them.

Short Stemmed Red Roses

Purple and Yellow Irises - $65

Irises are great gift for February birthday girls and also as a token of love on Valentine’s Day. Ancient Greeks considered purple iris a symbol of royalty and rainbow, while yellow was a flower of passion. Combine the two and you’ll have a gift of royal love.

White Roses & Purple Flowers

Carnations - $30

Carnations have always been popular for wedding anniversaries and as a great gift for mom on Mother’s Day, but they can be so much more than that. Depending on color, these fragrant flowers carry various messages: white are for good luck, light red mean admiration, dark red – deep love and passion.

Multi-Colored Roses

Alstroemeria - $30

This flower is related to lilies and has mild scent that is absolutely lovely. Those blossoms are often included in simple bouquets, but can be outstanding on their own too. Another word for this is Peruvian lily and it symbolizes friendship and devotion. You can choose between lavender, white, apricot, and yellow colors.

Emma's Bouquet

Pink Peonies

Peonies are flowers of romance and are often given as a 12th wedding anniversary gift. The flowers are soft, lush, and fragrant and symbolize not only romance, but good marriage and prosperity. A beautiful card and some decadent chocolates added to pink peony bouquet would make an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.

JLF Hand Tied Bouquet

Daisies - $50

If your loved one has ways to always cheer you up and put a smile on your face, return the favor with a bouquet of summer daisies. This flower is far from simple, as it is often viewed. It carries a message of innocence, friendship, and happiness. This gift is sure going to make her Valentine’s Day bright.

Roses & Bellflowers

Chrysanthemums - $40

While these flowers have various meanings around the world, in the US they bring joy and optimism. White mums show perfection, so if you feel that your Valentine embodies that, these might be perfect flowers for her. The flowers consist of many thin petals and produce strong scent. Red mums represent a desire to share, yellow mean secret admirer.

Bouquets of Roses

Calla Lilies - $56

A bouquet from calla lilies is clean and modern, perfect for a girl that likes modern things in her life. They have royally slender and unique shape and radiate sophistication. We are not all about roses, after all.

Roses with Long Stems

Anemones - $95

Anemone is a preppy flower and bears resemblance to poppies. It’s a non-traditional, but very refreshing choice for Valentine’s Day. The flower is known to symbolize protection in many cultures, and what is your Valentine if not a special person that you protect and care about? Anemones are unexpected, peppy, and beautiful, making them a perfect out-of-the-ordinary Valentine’s Day gift.

Roses in Plate

Silk Flowers

If your leading lady is allergic to flowers or simply prefers long-lasting silk florals, you can pick every kind of flower and make beautiful arrangements. She can now enjoy her flowers without sneezing and for a lot longer than a week.

Pink Roses in Vase

Valentine's  Day  Hacks

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